FREE WALKING TOUR through Hamburg in Spanish

Guided tours through Hamburg in Spanish

Historic City Center – best to start with

Free Walking Tour Hamburg in Spanish. The historic center tour starts at 11:15 hs at the town hall square. You will find us there with blue umbrellas. From there we start from there through the historic center seeing:

  • the old town hall
  • St. Peter’s Church .
  • cathedral square
  • St. Nikolai’s Church , a Memorial to World War II
  • down the Deichstrasse, one of Hamburg’s oldest streets and
  • the warehouse district

explaining more than 1200 years of history and ending at 13:15 hs in the German Unity Square in front of the Elbphilharmonie. This way you will get unforgettable images of the city.

Free Tour Hamburg in spanish

The Port and the Red Light District – the only free tour in Spanish

Free Walking Tour Hamburg in Spanish. We start with the blue umbrellas at the German Unity Square in front of the Elbphilharmonie at 2:15 pm. First we will travel if possible on the ferry “72” through the port, which to this day remains one of the most important in the world. Then the tour will continue through St. Pauli and the Red Light District, including the history of the Beatles, who began their career here in Hamburg in this ambiguous neighborhood full of images unfit for minors. Because of this the tour is not the most suitable for children although they are always welcome and the tour will adapt to this circumstance. The tour will end depending on the guide at Germany’s smallest police station or in The Beatles Square at 4:15 p.m.

Free Tour Hamburg in spanish

Private Sightseeing – in Spanish

Private Spanish tour of Hamburg. It’s up to you. To get started tell us what you want to see and we’ll show you. You can also decide to have the guide show you his favorite places. In such a case they will surely pass through the town hall, because it is one of the two most beautiful buildings in the city. Then visit the Chile-Haus. A Kontor house made of more than 4 million bricks. We do not visit this place on the Free Tour. It is also worth seeing the Laiesz-Hof and in conjunction with this the “Deichstraße”. In fact one of the few streets that survived the great fire of Hamburg. Actually you will find some of the oldest houses in the city. And you will supposedly also pass through the warehouse district and you would like to see the new tourist attraction: the Elbephilharmonie.

The Chile-House in Hamburg
No matter how you get to Hamburg, you have to do the tour with hamburgoapie


Those of us who work as a guide on the Free Walking Tour know that it depends on the quality of the tour and how much the visitor is willing to pay. And us, who work on the Spanish free tour of Hamburg know this too. It depends on the locality and it must be admitted that the standard of living in Hamburg and Germany in general is high. Finally a tip: Look at the paid tours offered to give you an idea. In general you pay between € 15,- and € 20,- per person on these tours. But it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be happy with less. I just mention it so you may get an idea. Well, we’re waiting for you!


Of course we could headline our authentic guided tours as “gratuitous tour” as other companies do here in Hamburg, but we don’t think it’s fair, as the idea is another: FREE WALKING TOUR means there is no fixed amount. In the end you pay what you think is fair or whatever is within your means. Those who cannot contribute are also welcome. Just let the guide know so he’s informed.


Free Walking Tour Hamburg – The blue umbrellas

Free Tour Hamburgo español


Fernando has lived in Hamburg for more than 40 years. He has a particular humour and would like to show you this charming city from his point of view.

Free Tour Hamburgo castellano


Jan is a hamburger, he was born and raised in this city. He speaks Spanish almost like an Argentinian and shows Hamburg to you from his point of view

Free Walking Tour Hamburg


Oscar is also almost more Hamburger than Argentine. If you like tango don’t forget to ask him what are the most important tango places here in Hamburg.

Free Tour Hamburgo español


Ramiro is the youngest on our team, but look! He knows very well and would like to surprise you and show you this city through his eyes.


Spend a nice moment getting to know the city of Hamburg, learn about its history and see the must-see places. Have such a good time that you will have to recommend us and give a review on TripAdvisor, Google,, guruwalk or minube, or any other platform. It helps us tremendiously to spread the word about our tours

A first glance of the city

Hamburg needs to be found with Hamburg a pie

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